i2E (Innovation to Enterprise) CEO Scott Meacham talks with Stacey Brandhorst about her journey from a college entrepreneur to the COO of one of Oklahoma’s newest innovative company, iRecommend Software.

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It’s not a great distance, we’ve learned, for an Oklahoma student to travel from the Love’s Cup to becoming part of a startup company. Many of them take a job along the way; we’re pleased when that job is with i2E.

“I can’t imagine doing this from scratch,” said Stacey Brandhorst, a business plan competition alum who went from i2E to become COO of iRecommend, a Tulsa-based technology company. “With i2E, you have a machine to help Oklahoma-based startups hit the ground running, rather than getting exhausted in the pitfalls of startup 101.”

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Over its 20-year history, i2E’s nationally recognized services have provided business expertise and funding to more than 700 of Oklahoma’s emerging small businesses. i2E was created in response to an Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) initiative and has become a nationally recognized private not-for-profit corporation. More about i2E.