Scott Meacham, CEO of i2E (Innovation to Enterprise), discusses Oklahoma’s growing start-up scene and increasing access to investment capital. As a new venture that has benefited from i2E and Oklahoma’s investment in innovative businesses, iRecommend Software is mentioned in the article.

Article Preview:

Twenty years ago, when i2E (first known as the Oklahoma Technology Commercialization Center) came into being, there wasn’t a startup scene in Oklahoma. The economy was all about oil and gas, and agriculture and commercial real estate. We had no venture capital.

Most young people weren’t encouraged toward careers in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship wasn’t a part of the curriculum in our business schools.

My how things in Oklahoma have changed.

Our clients, new companies like iRecommend in Tulsa and WeGoLook in Oklahoma City, have created more than 460 Oklahoma jobs averaging annual salaries of about $75,000.

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