Joshua Hughes VP of Business Development
Joshua Hughes, iRecommend Software’s new VP of Business Development

San Francisco, CA: iRecommend Software, the innovator in AI-powered personalized recommendations for retail, today announced the appointment of Joshua Hughes as Vice President of Business Development to lead the company’s growth in the retail personalized product recommendations market.

The expansion of the leadership team follows the release of the company’s personalized recommendations platform Recommendation360™ Retail, in March 2018 signaling significant growth and momentum.

As Vice President of Business Development, Joshua will provide strategic leadership to develop and refine the brand strategy, direct and implement sales efforts throughout North America, Europe, and Australia with focus on expanding adoption of iRecommend innovative platform Recommendation360™ Retail.

Recommendation360™ Retail provides retailers with an AI-powered personalized platform generating hyper-personalized product recommendations for their consumers. The platform is supported by over 8 Petabyte of third-party global market data that is updated in real-time, with no listening period or cold-start problem. Recommendation360™ Retail generates highly accurate personalized recommendations from day one.

Mr. Hughes is an industry veteran with more than 14 years of enterprise software sales experience working with VeriSign, PayPal, Sailthru, and RichRelevance leading critical positioning, generating sales, and developing and implementing sales strategies across the US and Europe.

“In evaluating the opportunity at iRecommend, it quickly became apparent how revolutionary the AI platform is, in its’ ability to bring real 1:1 personalization to each user’s experience; beginning with the ability to address someone by their first name or even wishing them happy birthday, from their very first time the visit to a site,” explained Hughes about his move to iRecommend. “This is the holy grail of personalization; it is no longer aspirational, it is now achievable with iRecommend.”

He added, “I am thrilled to be a part of an organization that is focused on delivering truly individualized experiences and helping to bring this AI platform to market.”

Joshua has demonstrated great vision, leadership and energy as he builds our global sales strategy,” said John Morad, Founder, and CEO of iRecommend “We are very excited to see his efforts expand to include both direct and channel sales across North America, Europe, and Australia. Joshua has deep knowledge of our market, products, customers and channel partners, and the ability to transform that knowledge into actionable results to increase our market share in the retail personalization software market. We are well positioned to help retailers and e-commerce businesses embrace the benefits of AI and machine learning technologies to provide end users with 1:1 personalized experience”

About iRecommend
iRecommend Software (@iRecommendAI) develops intelligent business solutions utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and dynamic data modeling. iRecommend’s leading software, Recommendation360™ is a recommendation engine with applications across multiple industries, including recruiting, real estate, retail/e-commerce, entertainment, travel, government, and healthcare. These industry-specific solutions enable businesses to generate hyper-personalized recommendations of products and services for their customers.

iRecommend is recognized by leading analysts, enterprises, and partners as the next-generation personalized recommendation engine that delivers highly accurate results.

Headquartered in Tulsa, OK with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, and Dubai. For more information please visit

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