Recommendations Reimagined

Account-Based Recommendations

Offer highly personalized, real-time product recommendations based on customer actions, preferences, and 360° consumer profiles via the channel that makes the most sense for each unique customer.

Leverage the power of hyper-personalized recommendations to increase your customer loyalty, eliminate flawed product recommendations, decrease customer confusion, boost conversions, and maximize lifetime customer value.

Create an unfair advantage with Recommendation360™ Retail powered by AI.

Product-Based Recommendations

Convert visitors to lifelong customers by delivering a personalized and optimized experience. By analyzing product characteristics, visitor demographics, local market trends, and behavioral data from multiple channels, Recommendation360™ Retail is able to identify the most relevant product in inventory for each visitor.

Event-Based Recommendations

Celebrate your customer's life moments through Recommendation360™ Retail. Milestones such as a new job, vacation, the birth of a child, relocation, marriage, and more often indicate a change in customer preferences.

Recommendation360™ Retail generates highly relevant event-based product recommendations for each customer along their journey increasing loyalty and retention.

Time-Based Recommendations

Generate recommendations for each visitor that consider the passage of time on their individual needs and preferences. Recommendation360™ leverages 360° consumer profiles to provide tailored and timely recommendations to each customer.

Two-Way Recommendations

Unleash the power of Recommendation360™ Retail to create a transparent, intelligent and predictive supply chain. Utilize your customer's preferences, product search, local market trends, and many more previously unconnected data points to identify products outside of your current inventory that your customers are searching for.

Additionally, the platform enables you to predict and mitigate disruptions and risks that are associated with misaligned inventory.

Recommendation360™ Retail generates B2B personalized inventory expansion recommendations for your business and delivers more value to your e-commerce operations.

Intelligent Search

Easy is better. Recommendation360™ Retail empowers shoppers to find exactly what they’re looking for with natural language search capability, automatic search term suggestions, and spelling correction. Recommendation360™ Retail provides API search features that can integrate with your existing search system to increase relevance and provide hyper-personalized product recommendations alongside customer search results.

Marketing Integrations

Create, manage and deploy hyper-personalized marketing campaigns on your website, through SMS and email, or through other extended brand touchpoints. With promotional messages that include real-time personalized product recommendations, you can build interest and guide the customer journey in ways that help you grow sales and build loyalty.

Recommendation360™ Marketing Module helps marketers make better decisions by identifying opportunities align the offer timing with the customer's individual journey.

Global Market Data

Predict and address local market demand on a street-by-street basis. By combining hyper-local data with your enterprise data, Recommendation360™ Retail enables you to better and more efficiently serve your customers by having the right products in the right place based on predictive demand insights.

Recommendation360™ Retail combines 3rd party hyper-local data, such as weather, neighborhood demographics, and microeconomic data, with your company’s data to identify local demand patterns and market drivers.

Omnichannel Support

Exceed your customer’s increasing expectations. Customers want a personalized retail experience that engages them in the context of their buying journey, including web, mobile, social media, in-store interactions or through direct sellers, and at the time and place it’s most convenient. Recommendation360™ Retail provides the real-time customer and business insight you need to deliver seamless and consistent omnichannel experiences with contextually relevant content, marketing, and promotions for both B2C and B2B selling models.


360° Consumer Profile

Compiling all available data from the public domain, including e-commerce accounts, product preferences, and life events, to develop a full customer profile.


Rapidly analyzes multiple data points from ever-changing data profiles of customers to provide timely and hyper-personalized recommendations.

Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing the power of AI to increase the accuracy and relevance of each recommendation.

Machine Learning

Constantly learning customer’s patterns, with real-time adaption to the customer’s behavior, life events, and market changes.

Dynamic Data Modeling

Dynamic building of industry-specific predictive models which generates early-stage recommendations. These early-stage recommendations are the foundation for the hyper-personalized recommendations retailer will provide to their customers.


Back-end integrated solution allows companies to decide which customer characteristics are most relevant in any situation and assign them a score.

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Implementation & Management

API & Integration

Power more innovation with less overhead. Only Recommendation360™ Retail marries trusted scale, security, and performance with the speed and flexibility of a modern, cloud-ready, extensible architecture. Customize product offerings, inventory presentations, and UI’s without compromise using Recommendation360™ Retail API.

The API programming model gives you the freedom to create unique experiences and easily implement Recommendation360™ Retail provided platform upgrades and enhancements. Extend your commerce platform with Recommendation360™ Retail and 3rd party services to create seamless, end-to-end customer experiences.

A full set of REST APIs gives you the flexibility to add innovative commerce services and capabilities that differentiate your brand, including new modes of customer engagement such as like voice shopping and conversational commerce.

Analysis & Reporting

Artificial intelligence is changing the way retailers, e-commerce and supply chain professionals engage customers and iRecommend™ is leading the way with a proven solution to help you extract more value from your data. Deliver personalized experiences at every step of the customer journey.

Enrich interactions, recommend with confidence, and assess and preempt disruptions. With deep-learning and predictive modeling tools, a 360° view of your business, and complex market data analysis Recommendation360™ Retail can help you do more with your data.

Recommendation360™ Retail offers pre-built and customizable digital analytics reports, rich profiling and analysis of customer behavior, traffic and funnel reporting with actionable insights.

Supply Chain

Deliver the “perfect order” every time with intelligent fulfillment powered by Recommendation360™ Retail. Our Supply Chain Module provides order orchestration through a centralized inventory and an order promising and fulfillment hub to support omnichannel fulfillment.

It helps enterprises increase fill rates and inventory turns, reduce markdowns, improve customer loyalty and increase your share of wallet. It enables you to make better decisions about how to promise and fulfill customer orders, resulting in improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

The Supply Chain Module provides a single view of supply and demand across all channels, allowing you to offer an accurate promise date to the customer and, if needed, to schedule alternative fulfillment locations.

Supported Platforms