iRecommend Software

iRecommend Software™ develops intelligent business solutions utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and dynamic data modeling.

In a consumer-driven economy, businesses across all industries are facing the challenge to remain relevant and provide highly personalized products and services.

iRecommend’s leading solution, Recommendation360™, is a recommendation engine with applications across multiple industries, including recruiting, real estate, retail/e-commerce, entertainment, travel, government, and healthcare. These industry-specific solutions enable businesses to generate hyper-personalized recommendations of products and services for their customers.

Recommendation360’s proprietary technology rapidly aggregates and analyzes millions of data points from the public domain to provide the right products or services to the right person at the right time.

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma with offices in Oklahoma City, New York, San Francisco, London, and Dubai.



Recommendation360™ Retail Release

In March 2018, iRecommend Software announced the release of a recommendation engine for the retail and e-commerce industries, known as Recommendation360™ Retail. The product is the result of over four years of research and development in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The resulting technology goes beyond product segmentation and scoring and enables retailers to provide real-time, hyper-personalized product recommendations to their customers.

Secured $1.85 million Series A Investment

The funding was led by i2E, Inc. with participation from co-investors Warren Foundation (Tulsa), Falcon Partners (Houston), and other strategic investors. The Series A round will be used to expand global sales and marketing efforts, complete a large online retail client integration, and commercialize SaaS subscription modules for real estate and recruiting industries.

Acquired Retail Client

iRecommend’s first anchor client with 40M users.

Private Betas for Retail, Recruiting and Real Estate clients

Beta testing was completed in early 2017 demonstrating success with companies across all three target industry verticals.

iRecommend Software, LLC Formed

In 2017, iRecommend Software, LLC was formed as a Delaware limited liability company that develops Artificial Intelligence (AI) and proprietary algorithms that leverage big data to provide customized, relevant recommendations for products, services and individuals online.

Research & Development

From 2010 - 2014 iRecommend invested $2.3 million on R&D. 1,460 days, 1.8 million lines of code and 86,463 cups of coffee later the technology behind Recommendation360™ was born.

The Vision

iRecommend Software was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by serial entrepreneur John Morad with the vision to provide highly personalized recommendations across all areas of life.

Lead Investors

With offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK, i2E's nationally recognized services include business expertise and funding for Oklahoma's emerging small businesses. i2E has more than $50 million of investment capital under management and receives state support from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology.
The William K. Warren Foundation was created in 1945 by Mr. and Mrs. William Kelly Warren. The Foundation provides financial assistance to non-profit organizations primarily located in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area in support of worthy charitable, scientific, Catholic, and health programs dedicated to improving the quality of life for humankind.