Recommendation360™ Retail

Create memorable experiences for your customers each time. Deliver the right product at precisely the right moment in the buyer journey and manage the customer experience, all using Recommendation360™ Retail.


360° Consumer Profile

Compiling all available data from the public domain, including e-commerce accounts, product preferences, and life events, to develop a full customer profile.


Rapidly analyzes multiple data points from ever-changing data profiles of customers to provide timely and hyper-personalized recommendations.

Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing the power of AI to increase the accuracy and relevance of each recommendation.

Machine Learning

Constantly learning customer’s patterns, with real-time adaption to the customer’s behavior, life events, and market changes.

Dynamic Data Modeling

Dynamic building of industry-specific predictive models which generates early-stage recommendations. These early-stage recommendations are the foundation for the hyper-personalized recommendations retailer will provide to their customers.


Back-end integrated solution allows companies to decide which customer characteristics are most relevant in any situation and assign them a score.